Smartphone Addiction in Kids Revealing 11 Scary Harmful effects

Smartphone addiction in kids increased a lot these days. For many parents, phones may be an easy way to distract children or keep them occupied. But we should not ignore the harmful effects of mobile phones, cell phones, or smartphones.  However, smartphones come with their own set of evil. Several…

Best Time to Sleep and Wake up – Day-long Energy Boost

Best time to sleep and wake up The best time to sleep and wake up varies from person to person, age and daily schedule. Ideally, one should go to bed early and wake up early to start a day fresh and be productive throughout the day. Because of today’s lifestyle,…

How to sleep Better at Night – 15 proven Stunning tips

Sleeping strengthens our mental and physical health. Adequate sleep improves our mood, brain, heart, immune system, vitality and weight and helps us perform well at home or the workplace. If we do not get recommended amount of sleep, there could be severe consequences. Less sleep can severely affect our energy, productivity, emotional balance, and weight management. Our lifestyle choices and daytime habits can negatively impact our sleeping schedule. We need to know about how to sleep better at night.

Best Super secret Yoga and Meditation to Reduce Stress

Yoga and Meditation to Reduce Stress and improve mental and physical health is not a new concept. We find mention of the word "Yoga" in the Rigveda of Hinduism. Mnay Upanishads of Hinduism also mentions yoga. The physical practice of yogic postures is called Hatha Yoga. Hatha yoga could be of different types: some could be slow and focused on stretching, whereas others could be fast and involve a lot of workouts. Each yoga postures have its benefits.

Travel For Inner Peace: Simple but Complete Guide

Travel for Inner peace and Happiness. Our day-to-day life, job, and responsibilities become very tiresome with time. That time meditation or yoga also might not help us properly. That time we feel like running away from the mundane, noisy, and hectic life. It builds self-confidence and creates a positive vibe of freedom, which makes a positive mind. Our social nature improves along with bonding with people of different backgrounds, cultures, and ethnicity.

How to Get Started with Gardening For Inner Peace

How to Get Started with Gardening for Inner Peace? Some people might be wondering how Gardening and inner peace could be related, but do note that it is one of the best ways to resolve internal conflicts and achieve inner peace. Gardeners not only work towards saving the environment but also to be healthy, stay fit and be happy. Ask any gardener their reason for loving Gardening; among hundreds of reasons, they give you, happiness is the top one.

Top Secrets You Didn’t Know About Peace Of Mind

Peace of Mind is must for a beautiful and healthy life. Inner peace is a relaxed state of mind with the help of which you can eliminate all the negative energy and vibes surrounding you. It helps to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere around and within you. Without peace of mind or inner peace, we start to notice symptoms of stress and anxiety, anger, irritability, difficulty in concentrating, sleep disturbances, cardiac issues etc.

Healthy Eating, Stay Fit and Healthy Mind for Success

Healthy Eating, stay fit and healthy mind should be our mantra to success. These 3 things are very important to live a successful and healthy life. We should always eat healthy food. Start slowly but try to increase the meditation session with time. Meditation helps us to overcome anxiety, depression, stress and related disorders. Regular exercise also helps you to combat stroke, metabolic issues, high blood pressure, diabetes, and gives energy boost, confidence, and increase self-esteem.