How to Get Started with Gardening For Inner Peace


How to Get Started with Gardening For Inner Peace? Some people might be wondering how Gardening and inner peace could be related, but do note that it is one of the best ways to resolve internal conflicts and achieve inner peace.

Why should you try Gardening for inner peace? 

Gardeners not only work towards saving the environment but also to be healthy, stay fit and be happy. There could be an outside garden, kitchen garden, balcony, or terrace-based flowers garden. Gardening and inner peace are interrelated. People do Gardening as a hobby, engaging them in physical and mental activity. It also helps their mind to focus on activities that are kind of creative and get past stress.

How to Start Gardening for inner peace?

Gardening For Inner Peace
Gardening For Inner Peace

To start your garden, you need an area to work on first. It could be the plot adjacent to your house, terrace of your house, balcony of your apartment, or even the kitchen or living room area.

The size of the area, types of soil, exposure to sunlight, director and duration of sunlight, climate, and temperature of your area plays a vital role in what type of garden you can start. It can be big trees, shrubs or herbs, Etc.

If you are gardening within your house or apartment, you also need to decide what planter, clay, or plastic to use and what kind of plants you like to grow. Considering all these factors, you can proceed to start your garden. 

Gardening for inner peace- It is a process.

Yes, it is a continuous process. First, you prepare the soil by mixing regular soil with different manures, sand, coco pit, Etc. Then you prepare the pots by adding holes at the bottom. For plastic pots, put additional holes. Then you can add stone chips or broken pot pieces and the bottom, and then a layer of sand to ensure holes keep the soil clear.

Once that is complete, it is time for seed sowing or planting the plant you brought from the nursery/market. Regular and adequate watering is an essential part of Gardening. From time to time, you need to add fertilizer, do repotting, and prune the plants. All this effort is not a one-time work but a continuous process.

Creative ideas in Gardening for Inner Peace

Gardening also requires creative and innovative ideas. How to layout your garden, so it gets the perfect amount of sunlight. Use of unused containers, bottles Etc, hanging pots, an alternative to ordinary soil, Etc., requires creative ideas from you.

Health Benefits of Gardening-Gardening For Inner Peace

Gardening For Inner Peace
Gardening For Inner Peace

Gardening needs physical activities. It burns calories. Gardening is an excellent stress reliever. Your garden provides fresh air, a beautiful smell, and a view. Walking on the green grass of your garden is an excellent way to rejuvenate your health and is especially good for your eyes. Watching the plants grow over time, sighting the first bud, blooming of flowers, and growing of fruits makes you patient; it brings out your caring nature. Gardening improves mood swings and helps you to find your true self.

Mental benefits of Gardening for Inner Peace

Ask any gardener their reason for loving Gardening; among hundreds of reasons they give you, happiness is the top one. It inspires you and teaches love, sustainability, and many things about nature. It gives you a way of life. Your blooming garden brings butterflies and birds. You feel happy to watch them. You feel a sense of care if you provide water and food for them. Plucking the fresh fruit or vegetables from your organic garden gives you a different level of happiness. Many plants include English Ivy, Bamboo Palm, and Chinese Evergreen. The spider plant, Peace Lily, grows indoors and keeps the air pure naturally.

Gardening For Inner Peace
Gardening For Inner Peace

You take time out to care for your plants from your busy daily schedule. Morning or Afternoon, you check on them and give them water. When you see your blooming plant, you tend to plant more. This act not only relieves your stress but stresses our environment is suffering.

Gardening may seem tedious initially, but once your idea of what to plant and how to plant is clear, it becomes straightforward and exciting.

Why is Gardening so peaceful?

Gardening improves our sense of presence and mindfulness. Studies found that bacteria in the soil help activate our brain cells and start producing serotonin hormone. Gardening therapy is also viral in many countries. 

What does Gardening do for your soul?

Gardening improves your mood. It uplifts your morale and helps to fight depression.

Is gardening a good stress reliever?

Gardening is a beautiful physical activity which relieves stress and reduces depression. It improves the sense of overall well-being.

What does Gardening do for the brain? Gardening For Inner Peace?

Gardening is considered a low to moderately intense activity. The levels of BDNF, a brain-derived neurotrophic factor, and PDGF, a platelet-derived growth factor, increase significantly after the gardening activity. This study revealed a potential benefit of gardening activities for cognitive function in seniors.

How is gardening a therapy? Gardening For Inner Peace?

Gardening therapy is more indirectly beneficial and differs from regular therapies such as cognitive-behavioural therapy. In the case of cognitive-behavioural therapy, you work with words to solve your problems. However, in this case, you use your hands to cope with your issues. Gardening is more of a grounding activity. It helps you to focus your mind and keep yourself busy.


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